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Woojo Hightech Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of polyurethane system combining high-tech and expertise that can resolve customers’ requirements in a short period of time.

Woojo Hightech provides the best quality and service to customers based on innovative technology, such as environment-friendly materials, state-of-art materials, flame retardant and nonflammable materials, etc. fully committed to its mission to take the lead in the development of polyurethane sector.

Woojo Hightech has developed a variety of materials, such as rigid foam, flexible foam, CASE, etc. in all industrial fields over the construction, shipbuilding, automotive, home appliances, etc.

We will continue to sharpen our competitiveness through relentless development of system solutions, and make utmost effort to supply the best products and services to customers.

We promise that we will evolve into world’s best polyurethane system manufacturer without fear of challenges and changes with the trust of customers.

All employees of Woojo Hightech Co.,Ltd.