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Insulation Constructions

Insulation construction

Total solution from materials manufacture to construction with spray foam

Based on technological expertise accumulated for a long time, we provide the perfect total solution from preparation of the material for spray foam to construction.

Outstanding flame resistance minimizes danger from fire that could occur from building construction, and the best insulation function maximizes refrigeration and freezing efficiency.

Through our expertise accumulated over the last decade, we guarantee only the perfect construction from the seamless cooperation between the materials provider and the construction team.

Stable Physical Property and Usability
  • We provide stable traits and usability including excellent insulation, convenient construction, excellent retention and adhesion.
  • Especially, we guarantee excellent properties such as the KS M 3809 property needed in refrigeration and freezing storage construction and in low-temperature area.
  • Through the accumulated experience of insulating numerous LPG ship storage tanks to different distribution warehouse insulation construction in domestic shipbuilding companies, we guarantee excellent product property in terms of property, buildability, and flame resistance.
The Highest Economic Value
  • All of the processes are provided in a total solution from producing materials to construction, enabled by the seamless cooperation between the parts manufacturer and the construction team.
  • Therefore, we provide excellent economic value and efficiency in both materials and construction compared to different companies.


  • Refrigeration and freezing storage
  • Pigsty/cattle shed
  • Room temperature warehouse
  • Deck plate


Type of spray foam

Product Density(Free Rise Density) Use and Features Foam type Blowing agent
Rigid flexible Normal blowing agent
(HCFC 141B)
Eco-friendly blowing agent
WR5010 9-10 Eco-Friendly spray foam for Wooden Houses
WR5031 23-25 Spray foam for General construction
WR5032 25-27 Spray foam for Refrigerated Warehouse
WR5033 27-29 Spray foam for freezer warehouse
WR5050 38-40 Spray foam for roof
WR5081 25-29 Spray foam for flame retardant and antibacterial
HiGuard 26-30 Spray foam for semi non-flammable