About R&D Center

Woojo Hightech’s R&D center offters the best products and personalized service tailed to the needs of customers by leveraging the best technology.
Woojo Hightech established R&D center in 2010 in order to ensure the satisfaction of customers’ requirements for which high efficiency and expertise are needed and In order to realize a higher level of research and achievement in a rapidly changing environment, R&D Center was newly relocated to Daejeon in 2019.
Equipped with various state-of-art equipments and excellent manpower, Woojo Hightech’s R&D center has proceeded with the research and development related to the world’s best polyurethane system and provides the customers with the best products and tailor-made services.
The R&D center will stand at the forefront of the polyurethane industry, making unsparing investment in R&D based on future-oriented mindset without being complacent about the current status.

Research Field

  • Continuous/Discontinuous PIR panel for use on the internal and external side of building
  • PIR board for the interior insulation of building
  • Insulating spray for cold storage
  • Exterior spray for roof insulation
  • LNG/LPG/LEG Cargo Tank Cold Insulation
  • Ground Storage or Onshore Tank Cold Insulation
  • Flame-retardant Coating for the Protection of Polyurethane Foam
  • Primer
  • LNG Pipe Cover
  • LNG Pipe Support
  • PIP(Pre-Insulated Pipe)
Refrigeration & Freezing insulation
  • Industrial freezers and refrigerators
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Insulation of water tank
  • Unit Bath Room (UBR) tile board
Pipe&Pre-insulated Pipe
  • Pre-Insulated Pipe for district heating
  • Oil pipeline, Pre-Insulated Pipe for transporting the refrigerant
  • Pre-Insulated Pipe for cryogenic application
  • Engineering construction foam for refrigeration
  • Pipe Cover
  • Pipe Support
  • PIP(Pre-Insulated Pipe)
  • Mid Sole
  • In Sole
  • Out Sole
  • Direct Sole
  • Car Seat
  • Instrument Panel
  • Wood Imitation
  • Side Impact Foam
  • Integral Skin Foam
  • Sun Visor
  • Head, Arm Rest
  • Air Filter
  • Adhesive for EPS/Glass wool panel PU
  • One-pack type PU adhesive system for fire doors
  • Primer for cryogenic gas tank
  • Medical casting application
  • Medical hydrogel
  • Window thermal break barrier
  • Bowling ball
Ester polyol
  • PA Base, AA Base Polyester Polyol
  • High functionality, low-viscosity polyester polyol
  • Excellent solubility with blowing agent
  • High functional composite of Polyester Polyol