Research Results


  • Development of semi non-flammable spray foam for construction
    Semi non-flammable spray foam of 100% polyurethane material


  • New construction of Daejeon Central R&D Center (within Daedeok R&D Special Zone),
    Located at Yuseong-gu, Daejeon-si
  • Development of Cold insulation system for LNG fuel tank


  • Development of a semi non-flammable board for construction
    Development of a semi non-flammable insulation system using an eco-friendly blowing agent


  • Building of functional chemical material cluster
    Development of axial heat dissipation material using PCM


  • Development of Cryogenic Temperature Spray System
    Developed an Environment-friendly system, which is applicable under -20 ℃ (in polar regions).


  • Development of eco-friendly LEG Pipe Insulation System
    Applied a new method of RG System
  • Development of between layer noise decreaser system
    Developped foam as ground buffer and noise reducer.


  • Low BOR LNG Carrier Tank 보냉 System 개발
    최상의 열전도도 및 Unit 구성으로 Low BOR System 개발


  • Development of cryogenic cold insulation system for LNG transportation & storage
    LNG carrier cargo tank, onshore tank, pipe cover, pipe support
  • Development of high flame-retardant flexible foam system for sealing
    Fire resistance for more than 1 hour in the flames at 1000℃ or more


  • Development and certification of material spray foam system for eco-friendly building
    Obtained the eco-friendliness mark certification through the non HCFC type
  • Development of high flame-retardant PIR panel and board system
    Certification of flame retardancy and quasi-non-combustible with high trimerization rate
  • Development of eco-friendly PIR spray system
    Development of PIR spray system by using the eco-friendly blowing agent (DIN B2 pass)


  • Development of high-performance aromatic polyester polyol synthesis.
    Polyester polyol specialized for flame retardancy with polyfunctional high aromatic content
  • Development of foam system for filling the nuclear fuel transport container
    Urethane foam filling system for protecting the nuclear fuel with the characteristics of impact-resistance and flame-resistancem
  • Development of cryogenic and high flame-retardant spray foam & coating system
    System specialized in flame retardancy as cold insulator for LEG/LPG Carrier Tank